(from muppet.wikia.com)

(from muppet.wikia.com)

What does Christmas mean to you?

As many of you know, after having researched creativity for the past couple of years, I’ve come to appreciate the extraordinary creativity of children. However, in many ways that’s a misstatement.

The creativity of children isn’t extraordinary. It is really rather normal. What’s extraordinary is how easily we often forget our creative roots when we become adults.

Some of us often go about our days on autopilot, under stress, thinking that our options in life are limited. Christmas to me, especially this year, is a celebration about how there is hope in each new day for finding new, creative possibilities. It is a celebration of births and new beginnings.

And it is also a reminder that we can all be conscious, creative participants in our lives if we learn to recognize and honor the infant, childhood spirit that resides within us all.

How many ways can you think of to explain how Santa gets in your house?

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