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As my tagline says, this blog is dedicated to “resources for exploring life’s infinite possibilities.”

The “Island of Pickles and Doughnuts” is a metaphor for a life of habit and convention. It was originally used in my book The Power of Thinking Differently.

So this blog is about sharing interesting ideas on accessing those infinite possibilities with regards to creativity, happiness, and all things pertaining to an authentic life. This is the meaning of going “beyond the island of pickles and doughnuts.”

Here’s a description I gave during an interview.

Please feel free to re-post any of my posts under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.  This just means you can repost as long as you abide by the following:

  1. Cite the source: www.picklesanddoughnuts.com.
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For more information about me, checkout my personal page www.JavyGalindo.com. I am available for talks, workshops, and classes on any of the material you find on this blog or my personal page.

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About Javy W. Galindo

headshot_large_circle Javy Wong Galindo, M.A., M.Eng. is a college professor of philosophy, humanities, and psychology in Northern California. He is a popular instructor at John F. Kennedy University and De Anza College, located in the heart of Silicon Valley. This former electrical engineer and performing arts instructor is now most well-known for his engaging college courses and public talks. He is the author of The Power of Thinking Differently (2010) and Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails (2014). Learn more about Javy at www.JavyGalindo.com.