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Is Romantic Love the Key to World Peace? – A New View of Valentine’s Day Through the Lens of Brain Chemicals & Compassion

Recent brain research shows that there is a free and simple way to make people less stressed, more giving, and more compassionate. Interestingly, this approach is related to romantic relationships. As we head towards Feb. 14th, a re-visioning of Valentine’s Day may be in order, but not in the way you might think…

Six Steps to Reinvigorate Your Life for the New Year

Are you giving yourself the best chance to live the life you want to live? Or will you let the end of the year roll by without taking the opportunity to reflect on where you’ve been and where you want to go? Follow these steps to reinvigorate and renew your life.

Inspirational Herodotus Quotes

“It is better by noble boldness to run the risk of being subject to half the evils we anticipate than to remain in cowardly listlessness for fear of what might happen.” The following inspirational quote is from the ancient Greek historian Herodotus. More...

Why Feeling Bad is Part of Living a Happy Life: Inspired by the Passing of Robins Williams

How do you deal with pain and unpleasant emotions? How do you deal with feeling bad? It’s a question that came up for me when the passing of Robin Williams left millions, including myself, heartbroken. In our culture, we often think of pain and other unpleasant feelings as the opposite of happiness. However, for several reasons, this may be a mistaken view that can lead us to a misguided pursuit of happiness and, ultimately, to despair.

4 Ways of Choosing Happiness From Within

  What makes you happy? Reflect on what you’ve done today. What do your behaviors say about your approach to happiness? These are the questions I usually ask students on the first day of my psychology courses. Often, their responses sound something like this:...

Inspirational Winnie the Pooh Quotes

“Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.” The this quote is often attributed to Winnie the Pooh, though the author’s name is less known: A.A. Milne. Quotes...

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