Happy New Year! Let’s reflect, organize & plan, and refresh ourselves for the year to come.

The start of the new year brings a great opportunity to become more conscious of how we are living our lives and to determine what type of life we truly want to live. Below are three beginning-of-the-year activities in reflection and strategic planning that will help you make conscious choices that will help set you up for an authentic, meaningful life moving forward.

Activity #1: Begin the new year by journaling about all the interesting adventures, successes, extraordinary experiences, and other things about 2017 that you were grateful for. We usually fail to give enough weight to all the positive experiences in our lives. You’ll feel great after making this list. I promise!

Activity #2:  Take a moment to journal about at least 5 goals for the new year, but MORE IMPORTANTLY define the new habits you want to develop that could lead to those goals. We often live life unconsciously, doing what we always do. Thinking about what we always think about. Then we wonder why we are not where we want to be in life. So take charge of your life by consciously choosing certain habits to have.

Activity #3: Watch Groundhog Day. Let the movie be a reminder of how we can escape the habitual cycles that too often define who we are and the type of lives we live.