Katrina Martin Davenport

Katrina Martin Davenport

Following your bliss isn’t always the easiest thing to do. And nobody knows more about the peaks and valleys of this path than Katrina Martin Davenport.

While some people struggle to find the courage to make one career change, Katrina’s journey includes several career transitions — from journalist to elementary school substitute teacher to professional tutor. Amongst all of that, she even became the published author of a children’s book entitled Denise’s Mold.

And now, Katrina has made yet another creative career change as she pursues her passion for the arts.

“I’ve always loved art. Even as a child it was a passion of mine.”

This successful, self-taught visual artist has had photography and mixed media collages featured at art shows in Oakland and within the walls of JFK University. Katrina’s art was also recently selected for use on the cover of an upcoming terrapsychology anthology edited by Craig Chalquist. Additionally, readers will be able to see her work featured in two upcoming issue of ReVision magazine.

Where did you find the courage to make such unique and successful career changes?

“I was so happy following what my heart wanted to do that I was able to get through those periods,” she says.

However, as Katrina points out in her recent interview on Beyond Pickles and Doughnuts, following one’s heart isn’t always a joyous endeavor.

After becoming a published children’s author, and shortly after beginning the tour for her book Denise’s Mold, things came crashing down. Her publisher was not fulfilling many of their obligations, so Katrina decided to end the relationship.

Clouds Above The Forrest

Clouds Above The Forrest

It was a devastating experience for her.

“It was a dark night of the soul sort of time.”

As a result, she decided to leave her creative side behind, at least temporarily, as she pursued her fall back plan of tutoring professionally.

“But my heart and my soul had other ideas,” she quickly points out.

The Art of Listening

After a while, she began listening once again to her body and her unconscious. She began to listen more intently to her dreams. She even began dialoging with a life changing ovarian cyst.

Tree Rings

Tree Rings



“The breakthrough really happened when I listened. And since then, I feel like things have really taken off. I even put Denise’s Mold back into the mail and out to a publisher.”

Each of her different career experiences seemed to have been explorations of her authentic self – a type of exploration that far too few of us ever undertake.

And though she’s had a bumpy ride, Katrina continues to cherish all of these experiences as they continue to be a part of who she has become.

“Each piece is now a part of me. And so I have no regrets.”


Checkout this audio to learn more about Katrina’s story.

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