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For some, creativity is a term reserved only for the musician, painter, or poet. However, according to psychology professor and creativity coach Susanne West, creativity need not be limited to the arts alone.

“Creativity is more than literary and artistic pursuits. The creative force is the life force, the soul force, and can be expressed in literary endeavors, and artistic endeavors…in parenting, gardening, and just about anything you can think of…”

According to Susanne, we can approach any activity creatively by listening to our inner promptings.

“Rather than doing something rather rigidly, by the book, we can allow our intuition to guide us, and take risks.”

In her recent interview with Beyond Pickles and Doughnuts, Susanne discussed how creativity was a vital part of her life growing up and shares some insights on its true value.

As the founder of Insight to Action Coaching and The Creativity Awakening Process, Susanne has helped numerous people awaken their creative potentials. Her coaching consists of practical steps, guided imagery, and various other practices that can help the creative laymen rekindle their creative spirit. Her work addresses both a person’s internal world and their external world in the attempt to bridge the two.

At an early age, Susanne embraced her creativity and developed her imagination. While some of us lose our appreciation for creativity as we become adults, Susanne realized that creativity had significance beyond childhood.

It can help us deal with emotional wounds.

It can help us re-invigorate our lives.

And, according to Susanne, creativity and intuition are intimately tied to spirituality.

“Anytime we are willing to get out of our little boxes, and stretch beyond our egoic identity, and stretch beyond the confines of our mind we are expanding our sense of who we are…So many people really live out of their heads and this keeps us afraid and separate…When we tap into the creative, which is more than our minds, we’re tapping into our feelings and greater states of consciousness. We’re becoming bigger. We’re expanding. We’re taken into the greatest place of aliveness within us.”


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