One of the biggest obstacles to the creative process is our fear of mistakes.

Many of us grow up learning that it is bad to be wrong and incorrect. We are taught that mistakes are useless errors that should be minimized.

The result is that many people are unwilling to explore their own creativity because the fear of making a mistake is so ingrained in their psychology.

Creativity is about exploration and trying new things. By it’s very nature, creativity will lead us to come up with many ideas that don’t necessarily work. However, we are more likely to find creative ideas that do if we allow ourselves the freedom to cast a wide enough net.

Have you seen how many academic papers Einstein wrote that explored “incorrect” ideas? Have you looked at a sketch artist’s scratch pad to see all of the ideas that “didn’t work?”

Still don’t believe me? Ask Google.

I found this short video clip from my new favorite blog – The Stanford Technology Ventures Program blog. Check it out. You’ll find lots of great articles and videos on entrepreneurship and innovation.