melissa_resizeThis week on the Beyond Pickles and Doughnuts Podcast I interview the pioneering teacher, coach, and inspirational speaker Melissa Casas.

Melissa is the author of the book “The Power of Small Change: How one new thought can change your life.” Her work in the field of self-development specializes in self-empowerment and inner communication. In particular, she is the originator of the 3-C Communication — a way for us to cultivate the clarity of mind needed to fully communicate with others and with our own internal intuition. It was a method born out of her post doctorate research and personal experience.

In this creative people radio interview, Melissa shares her own creative career changes starting from her undergraduate degree in philosophy, to her successful career in banking, to her current career in self development. She explains why listening to one’s feelings and intuition is important, but stresses that we also need to cultivate the clarity of thought necessary to truly understand what our intuition is saying. Melissa also speaks to the power positive emotions have in helping us create the life we were uniquely born to live.

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